Lee Kuan Yew's last wish should be respected! S'poreans responded
13-9-2019 5:26 PM
sticw said:
Before GE lhl announce govt to respect LKY last wish. Everyone say he is a good fellow and PAP gets 70% majority once more.

Lwl and lhy quietly leaves SG. Lhl serves out half his term and retire on grounds of poor health and seek medical treatment overseas. Same time hc retired to accompany him. Very touching...

Then SGD devalues big time... Then people start to wonder what about 38 ox... It got sold to developer and transaction was carried over wire. The Lee has left SG for a long while by then... Nobody saw them anywhere as if they didn't exist at all... End of the mysterious case of Lee...

You like my storyline?

ur story proves that lhl shd increase his salary by many fold.
Laughing Laughing
13-9-2019 4:18 PM
yummysukiyaki said:
Yup, why this botak Xu wants to get involved? loser LKY's lawyer has the answer, she is not aware of the 7th Will which LHY has indicated.

if a person chang a spirit. no many ppl can see the diferences on鬼上身.

in younger day. lky alway argue his self like a mental diorder.

see the video . you will undersatand how serious for his mental unsatble.

always argue and fight with him self.

but many daft like a sow nang to be his father. this lead to thier family dipute on lky unsatble mental.
Citizen Power Game for Citizens to work together to Build a New Social System.

13-9-2019 2:35 PM
hsk talk said:
Another big waste of money to glorified themselves that would take 8 years to build. How many $ billions they be spending?
Quote:In January 2019, it was announced that the shell station at Gardens by the Bay (Bay East) would be named Founders’ Memorial, scheduled for opening in 2025. The contract for the construction of Founders’ Memorial station is likely a negotiated contract with China Railway First Group Co., Ltd. Singapore Branch, which was responsible for the construction of the shell station under Contract T302. China Railway First Group was awarded a $242.4 million contract to build Founders’ Memorial Station.
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