Looks like today might not have any new cases.
15-2-2020 9:38 PM
QE3 said:
[Image: fzWXtRn.jpg]

Hope MOH will retest those with -ve results and also rely other other non-nucleic acid testing methods like the Chinese new optical scanner for white blood cell count which is also an indicator of the disease.

False-negative test results spur additional measures
Quote:Reports that nucleic acid tests have returned false-negative results for people infected with the novel coronavirus have prompted medical workers to deploy multiple measures to identify infections and implement rigorous isolation measures amid the viral epidemic.

An infected patient in Beijing tested negative three times for the virus through routine throat swab nucleic acid tests. The case was eventually confirmed by extracting samples from the lower respiratory tract-a more intrusive procedure.

The case has heightened concerns that patients who have contracted the virus might slip through screening and spread it further.

Chinese researchers develop detection system for suspected cases of COVID-19
[Image: 3f923032-b932-4511-8f06-0e771c31176f.jpeg]
Quote:The system is similar to the size of a computer mouse. It is internally integrated with a precise detection core module and has a detection accuracy equivalent to that of large laboratory instruments. It can quickly test a person's finger blood and detect whether they are a suspected case.

As long as the two clinical manifestations of "fever and/or respiratory symptoms" and "normal or reduced white blood cell count or reduced lymphocyte count in the early stage of onset" are met, the people can be considered as suspected cases, according to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Pneumonia Infected by Novel Coronavirus (5th trial edition).
15-2-2020 10:48 PM
hansamu said:
5 Bangladeshis infected already. ..pray hope there won't be a little India cluster.

OG...tomorrow Sunday is their off day....avoid Little Ibdia and Mustafa shopping center.
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