MUST WATCH! TRUMP@WAR: CNN Jim Acosta making a sales pitch for Trump. Very funny!
She said she would resign. Empty promises?
Antifa Mob Shows Up On Tucker’s Doorstep, Makes Sick Demand Of His Family
“Tucker Carlson, we will fight!" they chanted. "We know where you sleep at night!"

9-11-2018 1:35 AM
ahnya said:
Little thing like that. Like so big deal.
And she had her hand on him (trying to get the mike) before he had his hand on her (resisting her attempt to take the mike).
He wasn't rough what.

Dirty politics are all lidat one, fault finding to get the enemy.
Many decades ago when 2 blur SG NS boys (armed with AR15 rifles), accidentally sampan cross over Malaysian water, caught by their coast guard. Dr M said SG wanted to attacked Malaysia..haha, the 2 poor guys kena imprisoned , SG LL never said a word.
The Liberal Left, like many sotong forumers here, declares the MOBS as fake news, and that they never exist! Watch the mobs attacking Tucker Carlson’s home and other Republican lawmakers

8-11-2018 10:54 PM
Obamao said:
One thing for sure our Straits Times are die-hard supporters of Democrats.
Comrade Shanmugam has a soft spot for Clinton which was very obvious during the fake news committee variety show.
While Comrade Edwin Tong clearly displayed a biased against RRRRRussia

Libtard photos on front page today.

[Image: ClHCNUz.jpg]

[Image: 3k5iSaA.png]
Journalism is about covering important stories. With a pillow, until they stop moving
Trump makes his move... tightens immigration asylum rules

So that you will understand why Acosta is a rude pinhead loser and deserves what he got.

Raw Video doesn’t lie; Liberal Journalism does.
They try to provoke trump

Don't talk so much in here. Have you decided to take up Jac's challenge after he upped the ante? OLT was right about you. You don't know how to play poker and have the guts for it. Thinking


8-11-2018 8:08 PM
AhMoan said:
Ah butt is also a Champion of Freedom of Speech and I have posed a few valid question to him which he refused to answer.

Does that mean ah butt is a hypocrite ? of cos not. He has every right to pick the questions he wants to answer and answer in his own time. And that goes the same for Trump and everyone else, Trump has the right to ignore questions as much as reporters have the right to ask any questions. You got a problem with that ?
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