Malaysia Total Gross External Debt....
17-5-2018 10:23 AM
cowrider said:
On top of external debts.... Malaysia got no internal debts?

100% got .They got EPF similar to SG CPF.
They have massive loads of debts
[Image: 2dtrb6v.jpg]
[Image: 20r9tll.jpg]
that explain why so many rich malaysian la... even the prince can go to the super market and shout..take all you need, i pay shiok !!
if Malaysia believe their growth will slower or lower than credit term, then the spending has to cut or their epf ought to reduce.
17-5-2018 1:08 PM
lone8 said:
100% got .They got EPF similar to SG CPF.
their epf interest is almost or higher than gdp growth, highly unsustainable
unless investments return very good.
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