Malaysia revived China railway to avoid $5 bn penalty: PM
Maybe ah tiong looking for long term while ah bang needs a mountain to help now?
aiya to those 汗煎, anything china do is wrong.
19-4-2019 1:44 AM
tiunelomo said:
What short memory are you talking about ???
You claimed DR Mud can cancelled the project if he want to.. no one had "forced". True or not you said that ? Then tell us how Dr Mud is not "forced" to pay a hefty 5 billion penalty if he cancel the 支那[ project then ? 5

I am surprised with your racist slant...made worst with that short memory of yours.

Remember how Dr M tried to insult the Chinese during his last disastrous visit last year at Beijing ?

No one had forced him to "cancel" the in only have the slap his own racist face again by crawling back to China for $. Big Grin
"We've got friendly neighbors? Grow up!" - LKY
19-4-2019 8:29 AM
tiunelomo said:
Dr Mud was involved in the initial agreement??? Thinking

Well, if Dr M now okay with the same project and does not question Najib original plan for the ECRL which is also contracted to the same Chinese coy, then that makes Dr M party to the latest deal. (aka "initial agreement".)

Just last mouth, he told the Pinoy President not to trust Chinese $ and getting into "debt trap".
See what happen now ? chatter

The old fox does this same prata-pattern again and again since Day-1 as PM in the 1980s.

HA! Big Grin
"We've got friendly neighbors? Grow up!" - LKY
15-4-2019 9:24 PM
walaneh said:
walaneh! shock
Bro, sibeh jialat liao lah! Worried
5B USD=21B MR. How to pay with so many mouths to feed. some don know got come to work or not but in monthly payrolls. Thinking
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