Man loses $75,000 from Google advertising
21-1-2019 1:44 PM
MGSeow said:
Cannot quite understand TS's post. One can know how much one has to pay for the ad cost and one can always control the cost through a budget control.. but how do one know how much one will make from advertising in google? Is google providing such statistic and how do they do it?

France’s data protection watchdog is slapping Google with an unprecedented fine, citing the company’s failure to meet privacy and transparency standards with user information.

The French data-protection agency CNIL released a statement on Monday stating that the staggering €50 million ($56.8 million) fine was motivated by complaints about the company’s illegal practices in the collection and use of personal data. At present, there is no reliable information available on how long the company saves user data, nor if they allow it to be used by other sites.

Around 10,000 people signed the initial petition to initiate an investigation, which was filed by France’s Quadrature du Net group and None Of Your Business, an NGO which advocates for consumer privacy.
Now I am using (Microsoft's search engine) and it is far better now.
11-2-2019 11:07 PM
MachM said:
Now I am using (Microsoft's search engine) and it is far better now.

Bing ?? k#@ lah u
[Image: 2dtrb6v.jpg]
[Image: 20r9tll.jpg]
11-2-2019 11:10 PM
EXBB said:
Bing ?? k#@ lah u is good now. Try it.
I got this:

Open your Google map, go to 3 lines > Your timeline , select a date to see your mobile GPS history tracking
Google insider

Clone of machm, reported you for spamming.
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You can set limit for google advertising. 127fs4573872
16-8-2019 6:38 AM
QE3 said:
You can set limit for google advertising. 127fs4573872

Yes, only buy $1000 ads with Google loser
There is another forummer, who wants to close his [email protected] website .

He must be using Google to advertise his website .
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