Man orders daughter to kneel down and slaps her at Ikea car park...
8-11-2018 9:27 PM
Black468 said:
Family affairs do behind closed doors.
Last time dont have smart phones with megapixel cameras.

walaneh! shock
Sure got CCTV one mah! Worried

Thinking ,can play piano like nothing.
8-11-2018 7:01 PM
bigbro said:
Small already don‘t teach, when reach teenager period good luck to you. If they mingle with bad friends, you 以德服子? If yours is girl** by then already 脱缰的野马.

You know one piece swimsuit turn bikini thong. Soon no need or transparent? Last time parents no matter how hard hit, children knows to be filial piety. Nowadays children self centered.

One generation lossen a bit, few generation down the road change completely. last time marriage parents decide. 2 generation enjoy the most. 3 generations only just divorce. Soon like angmoh remarry and remarry or no marry.
When you think about it, what bad things that girl* could have done to kena this kind of punishment?
Leave the family alone. Nowadays some children also badly behave and it's not parents don't discipline. It's all cause to too much social media.
8-11-2018 4:17 PM
Goondoon said:
PRC style?
Chinese educated?.
what the heck is zaobao editor doing? ran out of good stories to feature?

“Reporters, we haven’t got enough content, go out to the carpark and snap some pictures, even if the cars are parked awkwardly just snap it!”
Just saying...
imo, this is not a right thing to do towards their children in public.
Children deserve respect and dignity and ego.
If parents constantly tarnish their ego and dignity and if parents never show any respect, then when they grow up, expect children will dump their parents when one day they old and cant work.
The hurt and the revenge inside their heart will not be heal completely with such abuse and shame shown by her parent.
Some time I slap the hand or sholder to reset the kids..for example when they play near the traffic junction.

I dont strike them in the face especially in the public. Kids these days r very aware n such punishment may hurt their self confidence. I usually give stern warning ..if they continue...go home I will cane.
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