Mandarin Garden seeks en bloc $2.9B biggest on record.
MG owners are asking such a big sum because of the upcoming mega development in the parkway area.

but its too big and its a reclaimed land. and there are several others big ones nearby
16-3-2019 7:16 AM
niceguy said:
no not strange at all. major transformation in the east. only mere mortal coolies have no idea. $2.9M is too cheap. They should sell only above $3M

$ 6 million is better! Laughing
only developer with deep pocket and the vision see MG's potential.
As it is the place is so compact.
And is surrounded by an expressway and two main roads. So much dusts and noise. Plus No market nearby.
How to live in it when it’s developed into a 3000 unit condo,?
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ABSD for developer is now 25%.
China firm will bite
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