Massive queues at S'pore Old Chang Kee outlets for 11 items for S$11 sale
11-11-2019 9:36 PM
sgtalker said:
Should just sell 1 item for $1 and maximum purchase at one go is 11 items. Maybe this way, stocks will not finish so fast...

No 50c ones?
11-11-2019 9:26 PM
Alice Alicia said:
[Image: 805660.jpeg]

Queue at your own risk.

However, Singaporeans who are thinking of getting a slice of the promo may not even get to think twice as some outlets have reportedly sold out for the day, or have very limited items left:

I suggested to my wife to buy 11 items, but she let her foot down......throwing cold water to my suggestion....... Angry Angry
11-11-2019 10:32 PM
cf9 said:
No 50c ones?

Now all above $1 ...
11-11-2019 9:37 PM
orlando said:
Buy early lor!

I went at 10.40 am. Only 4 persons in front of me.

[Image: UI1k5jX.jpg]

Walao, I tot of queuing overnight. But lucky I not hungry. Rolling on the flor laughing
buying 11 pieces is one too many.
Spend more as a result,
Without the sales, your probably buy less or none at all,
Because of the sales , you are poorer by $11
11-11-2019 10:01 PM
why need individual bag ?

I bought 2 set
1 small bag fill 3-4 pcs leh , very quick service.

No wonder so slow & long Q. One pcs in one paper bag. W this promo of 11 pcs , OCK never use its head to put all in BiG paper bag?
Can continue today? 12 pcs $11? Lol...
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12-11-2019 7:30 AM
SLine said:
Can continue today? 12 pcs $11? Lol...

Wah like that 30 Nov, 30 pcs $11 ......
12-11-2019 8:50 AM
Levin said:
Wah like that 30 Nov, 30 pcs $11 ......

Can , sell u 30 pcs of fish balls for $11 ??
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