Middle East n Persia endless war
Turkey's Ottoman President Erdogan n US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson shake hands b4 talks@presidential palace in Ankara, where Syria's Kurds Feel Betrayed.

One last acts of deposed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was to sign an agreement with Turkey@the expense of Kurds

It would be hard to point to any noteworthy Mideast initiative or achievement by ousted U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. The Kurds surely won’t have fond memories of the agreements he recently reached with Turkey, which were very loud trumpeted by Turkish media n news paper.
The aggrement.

U.S. n Turkey agreed to jointly supervise security in Syrian city of Manbij, and that Syria Kurd forces (SDF) which captured the city in 2016 will relocate to eastern side of Euphrates River. Tillerson negotiated this agreement with his Turkish colleagues last month.

Admittedly, Kurds deny such agreement was reached, n U.S. Administration also hasn’t officially announced it. But there’s no reason to doubt such statement.

This is a dramatic agreement, b'cos till a wk ago, Ankara and Washington were still trading diplomatic barbs. Turk Ottoman President Erdogan demanded that America keep its promise to oust SDF from Manbij and collect their heavy weapons it had held. Washington countered by threatening a military response if Turkey attacked SDF Kurd forces in Manbij.

Such mutual threats escalated after UN Security Council passed a resolution on a 30-day cease-fire in Syria that included Turkey’s fight against the Kurds in Afrin.

Ottoman Erdogan claimed the resolution excluded Afrin and accused the US State Dept’s spokeswoman, who suggested that he re-read the resolution, of either being incapable of reading or of deliberately distorting the text.

Thus faced a difficult dilemma — whether to reconcile with Turkey at the expense of its Kurdish protégés or continue supporting SDF Kurds even if it led to a military clash with Turkey forces n it Syria rebel forces. (FSA).
Reason behind the dilemma n fear.

Turkey’s invasion of Afrin sparked condemnations from both America and EU, Manbij was always the real test. Most of the city’s 300,000 residents are Syrian Arabs, n Kurds say they no longer control it, having handed power to the Manbij Military council, city is secured by 5,000 troops from Kurdish SDF forces. Manbij is flourishing n has largely replaced Aleppo as a major commercial center. Its supermarkets are full, its health and education systems work and the peace is kept. It is also a transit city for other Syrians seeking refuge in Syria’s zones.

Aside from Kurds who control Manbij, American soldiers and trainers are also present in the city. America has said its troops will remain in Syria. U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Jamie Jarrard thanks Manbij Military Council commander Muhammed Abu Adeel during a visit to a small outpost near the town of Manbij, northern Syria.

Critical questions on how Kurds will respond to this agreement, they weren’t a party to it n whether Turkey will siege on Afrin n goes further to Manbij deal on this agreemet.

Turkey already answered the latter question, saying the battle over Afrin will continue until Kurd forces leave both city and the province, one of the three autonomous Kurdish provinces in northern Syria.

For Syria Kurds responses to the Manbij agreement, the Kurds don’t actually have many options. They may as well hand over to Sytia Assd army (SAA) n will have to leave the city they liberated, basically refusing to do so would mean fighting both Turkish army n Turkish backed FSA forces, which is beyond the might of Kurds’ military capabilities.

For Turkey, a Kurdish withdrawal east of the Euphrates is important. Kurds are voicing disappointment at America’s “betrayal,” but they probably weren’t surprised. The fact that America didn’t help them against the Turkish invasion of Afrin had already made it clear that they don’t top America’s priority list. That’s why they “invited” Syrian President Bashar Assad’s arm forces to help them fight the Turks.
15-3-2018 1:40 PM
teeth53 said:
Rex Tillerson; CIA Chief Pompeo to Replace Tillerson

His replacement, Pompeo, is known as a fierce critic of Iran nuclear deal.

U.S. President Donald Trump fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson n Trump has nominated CIA Director Mike Pompeo to as America's new top diplomat.

Reuters reported that Tillerson learned his fired from Trump's Twitter announcement.
Tillerson sacking prompts Turkish Ottoman Foreign Minister to postpone US visit

Meanwhile in Afrin. Syrians were cut off from water n bread by Turk, after near completely surrounded.
Beginning of US/allied vs Iran/ russia war? Once Kim is taken care of, Trump n Pompeii will target Iran... N as prophesised in the holly books, 3rd World War wud start from this god forsaken area in conflict on n off for thousands of yrs...
15-3-2018 6:27 PM
Yin yang said:
Beginning of US/allied vs Iran/ russia war? Once Kim is taken care of, Trump n Pompeii will target Iran... N as prophesised in the holly books, 3rd World War wud start from this god forsaken area in conflict on n off for thousands of yrs...
Germany arms sales to Turkey up since Afrin op

More licenses arms sales to Turkey. 54 days since beginning of Turkish invasion into Syrian enclave of Afrin.

14 licenses sale of total of €3.6 million of arms were issued by Germany in 2017, 20 licenses for the sale of €4.4 million of arms have been issued since the beginning of Turkey’s Afrin invasion. Despite announcing a temporary moratorium on arms sales to Turkey in Feb until German-Turkish journalist Deniz Yücel’s release from Turkish jail.

Weapons included rifles, tanks, rockets, military vehicles and reconnaissance technologies, the broadcaster said.

Green Party parliamentarian Omid Nouripour accused the German govt of misled the public over the issue.

“The German govt has systematically misled the public,” he said. “The export licenses given by the ministry have called into question, due to Turkey’s disproportionate intervention in northern Syria, and it has emerged that the promises to limit weapons exports were promises for nothing.”
Syria land - Afrin not to be returned to Assad – Turkish presidential spokesman

Northwest Syrian district land in Afrin will not be returneed to govt of Syrian President Bashar Assad after land grabing, capturing the area from Kurdish Syria fighters, pro-Ankara newspaper Daily Sabah said .
15-10-2017 3:16 PM
teeth53 said:
Turk's troop is able to get Turkey into Syria as n when she like, not US, and not even Russia can do about it, While Russia wanted is to defend Syria, then by looking at how Turks in involved their history baggage. think is bye bye Syria the way it used to be.

Another war front is lock horns waiting to battle it out.
Iran successful played on Ankara fear, it plots to divide or drive Kurds to Damascus?

Turkey as feared that it will pose a direct threat to its economic strategy and security.

Iran played an important role in stoking Turkish fears. Iran benefitted from fear of PKK Party (SDF in Rojava), making Turkey northern Syria a bigger threat than the Shiites and Iran.

This fear put Ankara, Erdogan lost fate after US says they will trained another 30,000 more Kurds SDF forces.

The meeting in 2017 between Turkish n Iranian intelligence agencies and their military and political agreements led to Ankara agreeing to bring Kurdistan Region (KRG) n Syria Kurds to its knees.

In return for securing n protecting Turkish interests in Iraq, most importantly paving the way for Turkey to control Syria Kurdish areas.

Under these circumstances, how can the Kurds manage to survive? How can they neutralize this regional plot when they still have the force necessary to be a source for instability in the region?

The Kurds’ weak point is their disunity and affiliation with regional powers. This has made it possible for us to be made an instrument for the implementation of these threats and dangers.
15-10-2017 1:55 PM
teeth53 said:
Turkey and Iran will be engineering a war to further their territory ambitions.

USA arm is supplied to both Iranian, Iraq n Kurd will kill a lot, and idiots Euro stand helpless. Backer like Israel n Saudi will keep up their pressure and intervention should it becoming paramount important.

Sunni forces Vs Shiite forces Vs Kurds forces and Vs the Turk's.

Iran, Turk n Syria proxies forces war on Kurds will spin off immeasurable unforeseen disasters for Persia region!.

it's all about colonialism and Oil. Kurd's will be the defender that spark would kills Iraq.
The details
Turkey-Iran agreements, is clear they aim to hurt Kurdish cause. The Kurdistan KRG region no longer has the role it had and its effect on the Kurdish cause has dramatically weakened. The fall of Afrin in Rojava will serve many of the interests of regional countries.

After the events of October 16, 2017. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi for the first time revealed that they have reached an agreement with Turkey to remove the danger of terrorism and high Turkish officials have several times stressed that they will have joint operations with Iraq to destroy the PKK in Qandil. The Turkish and Iraqi armies will attack the PKK in Shingal and Qandil.

It is clear that there is a regional plot against the Kurdish nation, which some western countries are aware of and have agreed to. The starting point of the implementation of this plot was the capture of Kirkuk.

What is happening in Afrin and any developments in Qandil is an implementation of agreement between Turkey, Iran and the west – an agreement whose specifics we don’t know, but has be revealed in recently.

It is very important to be aware of this plot.

The PKK n or KRG n even U.S. was aware of such plot before anyone else, that why!, after Oct-16 events. They didn’t allow Iraqi forces to go from Shingal through Syrian territory to finish the 2nd phase of the operation to attack the Kurdistan (KRG) Region, capture Fish Khabur, n connect Iraq with Turkey outside the Kurdistan Region and connect their oil and gas pipelines.

After Iraqi Shia forces were defeated in Pirde n Sihela. Now Turk's Erdogan asking U.S. to get out of Manjil.

what is less discussed is Russia's role as instigator-in-chief in Syria.

"Axis of Mistrust" — Syria's Assad regime, Iran, Turkey -- Russia is playing all sides of the boardgames and then rearranging the pieces into its own favor.

As one writer on Middle East noted, Turkey, Russia and Iran "do not want to allow potential strains among them-self to work to US advantage, not only in Syria, but in the region as a whole."

As Turkey attacks the US-backed Kurdish SDF forces in Afrin, the same forces who led the ground war against ISIS, the Russia is there, viewing out loud with approval.

If was American policymakers failure to focus on Russia's expanding influence, that why!, they have Rex Tillerson; CIA Chief Pompeo to replaced Tillerson to engage new stance n implications in the country and the region.

One analyst put it, "as a chance to deepen the wedge between the US and Turkey."
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