Mission Impossible: S’pore to attempt the ‘impossible’ ,says Gan Kim Yong
Some hokkien ppl called him "Kan Bo Yong" (fcking useless literally translated) and it is certainly appropriate from his role as Education Ministers to all lapses in the Health Ministry.

Looks like he is hiding behind Lawrence wong this time while the Lawrence bears the brunt. He must be related to the Lees !

So by saying its Mission Impossible, he is setting the expectation that worst is imminent and he is absolve from all responsiblities ??

26-3-2020 9:02 AM
Cmpunk said:
I.think he better quit.
[Image: pBraOEZ.jpg]

we have a bunch of self-admit gamblers running the govt.

gambling with other people's life and money.
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26-3-2020 8:59 AM
cestlavie said:
Macau is able to control the spread successfully because they took decisive measures to shut down all casinos for 14 days despite being the key state income, closes all schools, ban all foreign entries and issuing 10 masks for every 10 days to citizens; when things happened.

For SG, we only adopt step measures, wait and see and hope for the best ; n the name of economy.

Now the nos is surging it has proven the gov took a wrong gamble with citizens lives.

It will definitely be mission impossible with the "do not wear mask if healthy" instruction.
Without schools closure and mask on for everyone, I foresee Spore infection cases to beat all Chinese provinces (2nd is Guangdong at 1433) except for Wuhan by 2nd half of May. And may become the sick man of SE Asia by early June.

Singapore Government: No need to wear mask if you are well
[Image: no-need-wear-mask-750x375.jpg.webp]

Face masks compulsory on all (BKK) trains
26-3-2020 8:54 AM
hfourhappy said:
I don't know what he talked about mission impossible.

yup, talk rubbish... one possible solution available.. remove all these high pay useless ministers and replaced with cheap and good ministers...
firstly save millions of dollars per month help Sg economy
secondly, the cheap and good are just as effective if not more effective in curbing the virus growth by making quickly decision to stop foreigner coming into Singapore this should have been done a month ago.. (if these so called elitist ministers have enough vision )
now the so called balancing act is balanced
I'vé this mission statement for him and Pap shi.t:

If you dun hv the brain, dun play the game

Putting Singaporeans lives at risk, chibuys!!
Treeswing Treeswing Treeswing
If lock down, will definitely impact gdp and thus their bonus.
26-3-2020 8:54 AM
hfourhappy said:
I don't know what he talked about mission impossible.

Simple lah.

when you have a coattail minister masquerading as a doctor, everything become mission impossible.

Always giving businesses priority than citizen's life.
Bye bye Kiss
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[Image: ZFu2C1W.jpg]
these instructions are flawed and should be removed.

covid19 is now known to have an incubation period of 2 to 14 days.

meaning an infected person can be spreading the virus for up to 14 days before she knows she's infected.

not wearing a mask because she is feeling well, makes her a superspreader. e.g. PCF cluster.

secondly, a sick person doesn't need to wear a mask, as he is either at home resting and sleeping, or on a respirator in the hospital.
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He is kind already not going into virus as economai as central banskters open up on auto.
After u open up what to do with the casings?

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