My biggest hope for crypto in the next 1-5 years is...
my question: can a few "loaded" bitcoiners maybe fund a silicon wafer plant? we absolutely need open source software to run on open source hardware. we can not trust neither apple, microsoft, google or any other tech company as most of them are compromised on the path to rather totalitarian global power-structures. we have witnessed snowden, we witnessed assange, what more evidence you need that they won't implant RFID chips under our skins like the crazy alex jones spouted out years ago, instead we are willingly uploading our lives to facebook, interacting with twitter, facebook, reddit, microsoft, google and apple, while all bitcoin really would need is open hardware to ultimately live up to its promise on a scale. I can't be the only one who concluded this would be the most beneficial development in this space, am I wrong?
You nèed to go see a shrink
Mm-hmm. I think you need to rethink your plan...
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