NEA opens new facility to breed 5 million mosquitoes a week
3-12-2019 10:29 AM
Huliwang said:
Playing God is.most dangerous. These NEA bred mosquitoes might mutate into something.more deadly than the Andes one day then they dunno how to do...... Thinking
endup like afuckana killerbees. thumbs up
3-12-2019 10:52 AM
theold said:
These few days those killed mosquitoes are mostly male ones without blood.
You sure they are male ?
They may be newly hatched females.
If you swatted them when they landed on you, they are not likely to be male
So the sterile mosquitoes method didn't work, yah ?
No need to breed lah, plenty of white blood SUC-GERS liow
PRC ktv* hostess once told me "台湾人无情, 香港人无义,新加坡人无稚" dance dance
Instead of tackling littering that collect stagnant water, they change their focus to hatch mosquitoes.
1 mosquito will cost how much to breed?
3-12-2019 10:49 AM
Notdumb said:
Howcome mozzies never kill any ministers huh? Isnt it landed got more mozzies? Or it only targeted at sinkees? Rolling on the flor laughing

don't think they will ownself bite ownself.
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