NEX NTUC Staff stole insecticide to poison colleague
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Never argue with someone who believes their own lies.
Why must he steal...he can just pay for it ...then instead of "thief and murderer" he is just murderer
I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I will do my utmost to keep them alive.
Against tyrants and adversity, I will strive.
Together, a better future, we will realise......
Why must kill ? just teach him a lesion by using other form of medicine make him diarrhea .....
nailbite nailbite
Watch too many palace drama. Crying
Is the perpetrator or the victim FT? Meaning not born- citizen.

Big smile
Omnipresent said on 20 Nov 2019, that he purposely harassed me to take revenge for Mr IVRSTI who was banned.
There was 1 case my neighbour auntie was mistakenly poisoned at a RC gathering on New Year eve. An RC member uncle put some plant insecticide in a mineral bottle inside fridge to poison the Chair woman. Instead, my neighbour and 2 uncles drank it. 2 uncles recovered in hospital, but, my neighbour auntie died. This RC uncle took the insecticide from his workplace Ministry of Environment.
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