NTUC Chief Ng Chee Meng on raising retirement age & re employment age
Over 50 companies have raised their retirement and re-employment ages for workers beyond the statutory requirements, says NTUC Secretary-General Ng Chee Meng in an interview with CNA938 on Thursday (15 August).

Mr Ng, who has been urging employers here to go just that, said that this is a “pretty decent” response and added that workers are appreciative of the move.

In July, NTUC announced that around 20 unionised companies including Garden by the Bay, Novotel Clarke Quay Singapore, and ComfortDelGro Group either did not specify a retirement age or had raise it.

Even so, Mr Ng said that there has been some resistance from employers who worry about the cost of raising those ages, from wages to healthcare costs for older workers. These, Mr Ng said, are valid considerations given how businesses are facing external uncertainties on top of domestic pressures.

Garment is not hiring these ppl themselves, now want the private to do it?
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If an ordinary non elite person is 55 can he get a job in civil service or SAF or in the GLCs?

Probably not...whatbis available is unwanted jobs.
I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I will do my utmost to keep them alive.
Against tyrants and adversity, I will strive.
Together, a better future, we will realise......
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Sg boss Ong Ah Heng will never hire Singaporeans.
He said it himself.
Good salary
Keep sucking the people
And wants to live forever
The men in china. How old before they retire with pension savings? Big Grin
Resistance is futile Happy
Instead of protecting the worker rights and reducing cost of living, they do the reverse way by squeezing us to work until die. Crying
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Quote from papers in 2010,
which reflected the inner thought of Pap MPs.

Previously little known PAP MP Ong Ah Heng became a “celebrity” almost overnight with his most outrageous remarks about Singaporean elderly workers being “lazy and too old.”

During speech made in Parliament this week to defend foreign workers, Mr Ong admitted that he had sacked Singapore elderly workers and replaced them with foreigners.
16-8-2019 3:45 PM
DCS17 said:
Garment is not hiring these ppl themselves, now want the private to do it?

You dont know they always do things with double standards.
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