New security checks at HK's Airport Express lines causes long lines
It's normally a smooth ride from Hong Kong to the airport on the Airport Express train -- it runs every 12 minutes, and you simply buy a ticket and hop on.

[Image: 3fc427bb-e8b9-4580-8c49-e3a96d94d8e2.jpeg]

But today, the train is running at 25-minute intervals.

And once passengers get off the train at the airport, there are security measures in place -- only passengers with boarding passes and passports are being let into the terminals.

Long lines are forming as passengers wait to show their documents.
[Image: EB6fI-eXkAAb0l6?format=jpg&name=small]
Some of the new measures are in line with a court injunction, published by the airport earlier today, which bans illegal protests at the airport. Anybody who obstructs airport services or transit systems can be held in contempt of court and may be fined or imprisoned.
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