Ng Eng Hen on Aloysius Pang’s death: Gun lowering mechanism had no malfunctions
Who pressed the button to lower the gun ?
11-2-2019 5:58 PM
kopihothot said:
You think the most likely reason they keep dragging, when this case only 3 people 99.999% be at fault?

100% ÷ 3= 33.33333 each?.
of course nothing worng on their part

upsoken is dead man's fault?

look good on outisde
rotten to the core inside

i know you have money, status, power, etc, but thats NOTHING in front of our maker
woe betide you generations now and future
The most popular meaning of FOOK is: F uck

Vigilante uncle Placebo got to put wendy chan in her place coz he is afraid of an old, ugly [email protected] witch...scared + jealous of what?
11-2-2019 6:13 PM
CanBeDone said:
Who pressed the button to lower the gun ?

I notice one common pattern after COI. Nobody know what the hell is going
on after COI. MRT breakdown, Little India Riot, MRT station flooding, NS deaths etc
. After COI, no clue of what actually happen.

In this case, gun lowering mechanism no faulty, then what cause the fatal
11-2-2019 5:50 PM
hfourhappy said:
Then release the finding to the public lah!

Shhh ....hhhhhh ....

We need more time to prepare & cook up some nice and wonderful sMokes to convince the public. ... Big Grin

Mai cha lah ....

If not, the think tank can not marinate some good diversion for pIng-Auntie-pRoject.

His boss would have to wear Black shirt everyday ...later.

Some how nowadays the Smoke Detectors from Singaporean voters are very effective and sensitive ... so must chun chun hit the center to dissolve those repeating honest mistakes.

We will do our best to SMOKE ....

First and most important question is who plessed the but that lowered the gun ?
11-2-2019 6:36 PM
CanBeDone said:
First and most important question is who plessed the but that lowered the gun ?

Fate ..
[Image: 2dtrb6v.jpg]
[Image: 20r9tll.jpg]
How come no one in Parliament ask Hen who was in charge of lowering the barrel and was there any safety procedure to be observed before lowering the barrel? Thinking
11-2-2019 5:54 PM
p1acebo said:
Just only hor..... What if the NCO did shout the commands but AP didn’t hear them?

NCO needs proof that he did shout the commands
Or else he becomes the Chief Sitting Duck
The actor himself ? of the possibility ?he was a maintenance guy. Another reason kena sabotage by colleagues since he was a golden award holder....
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