OG:: 23yo msian worker hacked sink.ie boss to death in Sungei Kadut
Good. Malaysian Chop China Converted new Citizens. Where is singaporeans? No where to be found. All driving Taxis.
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This guy from east Malaysia? Thinking
JiJi singapore ? ..very bad company reviews..[Image: E6cMLgG.jpg][Image: D4VCDWZ.jpg][Image: V9sCQ31.jpg][Image: gGwsXL5.jpg][Image: xLD53Nt.jpg]
All Posts are Fake News and Comments are Untrue[Image: gr0dMbF.jpg]
these days people are waiting for opportunity to hack you. even your kids if you dont treat them very kindly will want to aeek vengeance for mistreatment. so if you want to collect cpf life and collect allowance fr children, better be very kind. its for yr own good. remember, even jac also want to pass down his money to his children.
so just tell your kids you will pass them monies whwn you uplorry. they will keep that in mind.
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Lucky never buy anything from them before.
I rather get from China direct.
Same fakup quality, but cheaper.
See the review I don't even dare to order......
Must be a LJ lang, otherwise who will be so foolish to hack a person to death.

Our old sage had already taught us.
12-3-2019 8:44 AM
just2share said:
[Image: 712117.jpeg]

A man was arrested yesterday after allegedly hacking his boss to death in a rampage at Sungei Kadut. The 23-year-old Malaysian suspect is believed to have used a chopper to attack his Singaporean employer, Mr Lin Xinjie, 30, at the International Furniture Centre building at...


Lin Xinjie?? Ah tiong lah
[Image: 2dtrb6v.jpg]
[Image: 20r9tll.jpg]
To those local managers, treat your staff nicely and well.
Don't always makan them, don't always scold them, don't always tekan them everyday.
People work for a living and not work for you.
People work for the company and not work for you.
Give people a chance to earn and feed their family and children.
Don't force them into a corner.
Be good hearted.
I went to his jiji showroom in sungei kadut bef.
Bought stool,sofa.
What goes around comes around
12-3-2019 8:55 AM
Melo_Melo said:
Nowadays sinkie use pinyin name?

Already started many years ago!
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