OG: Fed chief Powell is a noob?
Oh the corpse is coming back to life
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10-10-2019 5:49 PM
QE3 said:
Cut rate no cut rate also no use one. Rolling on the flor laughing
Can you stop a man from dying after overdosing of medicine?
This is karma, now we just need to wait for effect to take place.
It is already 10 years. A long wait.

ya lah. that is why powell is a noob economist lor. bring up to 2.5% nia wanna cut. war time no bullets fight what?
10-10-2019 5:37 PM
sgbuffett said:
There is now talk that there is recession in past because Fed cut slowly...only wait until too late then cut.

So recession can be avoided if fed more aggressive at cutting.

Anyway the western govt are abusing their currency by printing because most of the wealth hoarded goes into stock and property inflation...you dont get inflation for food and wages like in the past.

The situation now is unprecedented in last 5000yrs kf human civilisation there has nevrr been negative interest rate.

Every western country the debt us so sky high there are only 2 options

1.create a japanese economic situation.
2. Have a thai style crisis.

Most are hoping for (1 ) which is stagnancy....
Preserve current living standard without. improvement for as long as possible.

cut now also no use one. can delay nia but still die eventually.
10-10-2019 5:21 PM
sogo said:
also must have dignity mah. trump kpkb then i will hike another 2%

An egg can't knock against a stone mah!
10-10-2019 5:58 PM
orlando said:
An egg can'y knock against a stone mah!
If I am powell I will hike until Trump no chance to be re elected
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