OG! Huawei Sales Soar As Apple's iPhone Shipments Plunge
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Huawei gaining ground against wider industry slump - Huawei racks up 23 per cent gain in shipments in fourth quarter against 9.7 per cent slump in industry shipments

Apple's iPhone Shipments Plunge
jz bt a nova 3i for $285 with 128g.. Big Grin
11-2-2019 4:27 PM
oldbird said:
jz bt a nova 3i for $285 with 128g.. Big Grin

Got one for son last mth. Got bigger screen than my P10.
The more US tries to strangle Huawei, the stronger it gets! Alas! China is the largest market in the world! thumbs up
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Only fools still buy rotten and expensive Iphone.
10 years never change cable, charger, ear piece.

Macbook Air 2018 even worse only got 2 small USB Type C ports.
trumpet a nd yankees still dun understand what is the xiao qiang spirit
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Problem now is that it is not 1980 n trade had already shifted to the east same as power
Our licking trash tiutiu aka rat28 keeps shouting Apple to produce "high end" iPhone in ahneh land? Laughing

His pea brain has been tiued too much shit by his lomo? lol
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It is not good waking a sleepping Giant.
Fad cannot be used against China.
An andriod phone is an andriod phone.
Pok kai acting big when China has engine and gold.
Beri dangerous mix.
Endless trade tok can end now with real money.
All China needs to do is to keep nodding the head like an Indian.
I bought Huawei!

My wife also bought Huawei! She loves her new Huawei phone so much! Laughing
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