OG:: Punggol residents kpkb foul smell from pasir gudang, some feel dizzy & vomit
18-3-2019 5:23 PM
just2share said:
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PASIR GUDANG (Malaysia) — Some chemicals in the waste dumped into Sungai Kim Kim in Pasir Gudang are carcinogenic, while others can cause respiratory problems and skin irritation, said experts.

The country’s energy, science, technology, environment and climate change minister Yeo Bee Yin identified the chemical compounds as methane, hydrogen chloride, acrylonitrile, acrolein, benzene, toluene, xylene and limonene.

A professor specialising in chemical engineering said that except for methane, the other compounds are toxic.

15-3-2019 11:04 PM
Joyce Tay said:

'A ticking time bomb': River in Pasir Gudang has been dumping ground for past 10 years, says expert

JOHOR BARU (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - The recent toxic waste incident in Sungai Kim Kim is nothing new, as the river has been a dumping ground for chemical waste for the past 10 years, rendering many parts of the 13km waterway almost lifeless.

Malaysian Nature Society vice-president Vincent Chow said this was based on two studies he conducted in 2014 and 2016, which showed that some stretches of the river had become shallow and its waters black and bereft of fish.

"Local fishermen say the river used to have a lot of fish, but now it has turned black and smelly.
He added that importing waste and later dumping them into the state's rivers was a "lucrative business" for some quarters.

Mr Chow also said the Department of Environment should publish the findings of its water sampling in the area so that the public would be better informed about the current condition of the river.

Asked how long it would take to clear the river, he said it was heavily polluted, as the chemicals had seeped into the mud.

"You will have to remove all the mud and safely transport it to a safe place away from the population," he said, adding that it would take a long time.
16-3-2019 12:12 AM
babygirl said:
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Rolling on the flor laughing
16-3-2019 11:42 AM
singlion said:
Tunku Mahkota Johor Tunku Ismail Ibni Sultan:
“Wake up! People are suffering and some dying,” he said, adding that the deadly chemical cyanide was found in most of the victims.
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17-3-2019 10:37 AM
The Enlightened One said:
Now if you check propertyguru, many punggol gong kias are rushing to escape punggol hell. Even those living next to the punggol mrt are also selling now, punggol walk and punggol place. They are screwed. Laughing
17-3-2019 1:14 PM
S100125 said:
Many flats will be reaching MOP as they ramped up new flats in Punggol over the last 4 to 5 years period.
Resale market will be flooded as everybody will be rushing out and prices will take a deep dive.
17-3-2019 2:51 PM
Free I will take but not to stay, only to rent out to other suckers. But if the condition of it being free is that I must stay there, then I also don't want it.

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