OG:: ~S$370m in payouts erroneously credited to firms under JSS in Oct
$370 is it?

kaanineh thats how many zeros!
8-4-2021 9:39 PM
ArielCasper said:
MOTI is under CCS and MOM is under JT..

Since CCS is now fighting for PM post, make sense for JT head to roll..

And yes, someone head should roll here.. It doesn't matter if most of the money can be recovered, but rather the extent of the error.. 370 millions is a lot lot of money..

PS: OYK say he is disappointed when people kp that we donated 27 millions, we are now talking about 10 times that amount.

I agree 370 millions is a lot of money, how can it be misplaced... notworthy thumbs up
Anyone particularly involved in this error would have health issues...
No wonder so many Listed Companies still record Profits..this is impossible.
All My Posts are Fake News and Comments are Untrue.
Heng, Arh.

SG so small and only has around 3.5 million workers where more than 2.6 million are Citizens & Singaporeans are eligible for JSS.

If as big as India or Thailand, sure mati fast.
PAP is rojak and prata.
8-4-2021 4:09 PM
just2share said:
[Image: 1009968.jpeg]

SINGAPORE: About S$370 million in government payouts under the Jobs Support Scheme (JSS) were erroneously credited to about 5,400 companies in ...


Some companies do pay retrench staff including JSS.
Ask the staff to return the money???
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