OMG!!!! Sinovac vaccine only has 50.4% efficacy!!!!!!
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A coronavirus vaccine developed by China's Sinovac Biotech was just 50.4% effective at preventing symptomatic infections in a Brazilian trial, researchers said on Tuesday, barely enough for regulatory approval and well below the rate announced last week.

The latest results are a major disappointment for Brazil, as the Chinese vaccine is one of two that the federal government has lined up to begin immunization during the second wave of the world's second-deadliest COVID-19 outbreak.

Several scientists and observers blasted the Butantan biomedical center for releasing partial data just days ago that generated unrealistic expectations. The confusion may add to skepticism in Brazil about the Chinese vaccine, which President Jair Bolsonaro has criticized, questioning its "origins."

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13-1-2021 9:14 AM
century said:

read their manual, scary, 73 possible side effects yet effectiveness?....more xxxx.....
commies here spam day & night china vaccine is the greatest, best or whatever lies...these commies & their family will not use china vaccine, why they screw you to use then...they lies, bullshit here with millions of posts & threads everyday, almost never get anything right yet keep spamming non stop...too bad still have tons of fools here botherv to read & kena brainwash..... Rolling on the flor laughing Rolling on the flor laughing thumbs up

中国新冠疫苗昂贵百姓打不起 医护界忧安全性拒绝接种

china vaccines is super famous inchina not only WV vaccine....all kind of china vaccines, caused how many death, google yourself....
医护界...doctors & nurses in major cities, how many will not use china vaccines, google yourself, 90%?....
all know now they are not mRNA, fixed type, NOT learning type, so is useless for mutation...
many more....let all these stir sh%t & lick ball commie spam all their nonsense to fools here...stay away from this commie forum, they are super persistent & never give up till they are totally destroy globally...super evil... thumbs up Rolling on the flor laughing

13-1-2021 9:40 AM
century said:
中国疫苗不保险 孙春兰北京视察说漏嘴

孙春兰...deputy prime minister of ccp china....
commie here panic & desperate....spam all kind of nonsense here with lies & bullshit day & night, they almost never get anything patient for the end result & hard truth.... thumbs up Rolling on the flor laughingall

13-1-2021 12:55 PM
century said:
finally now you realised how evil is ccp china......
commies in this forum is not less despicable than those fxxxxx in cctv, cgtn, globaltimes, like title of this thread...they are even worse....spam lies & fake day & night with no base lines.....fools here kena brainwash like brainless..... Rolling on the flor laughing Rolling on the flor laughing thumbs up
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Honestly are you kidding me?

This current world is TOWARDS MONEY thumbs up
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Researcher in Social Science + Politics
And china successful Con Indonesia into buying these fake Vaccine...powerful la China 细菌平...clap clap
All My Posts are Fake News and Comments are Untrue.
Haha ..笑死人.

china vaccine company sinopharm few top management kena fired, what happen...vaccine got problem?....
sinovic 50.4%...nobody question this figure, possible fake & lower?....
read my above post....what is the problem with all these china vaccine....
free vaccine injection in china? ton in internet...injection is free but must pay for the vaccine...what a joke....china govt bankrupt?...... Rolling on the flor laughing thumbs up
If all PAP MPs can take Sinovac, 60% people will have confidence to take Sinovac
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