Officer rejected suggestions to evacuate NSF Dave Lee
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SINGAPORE: The supervising officer of an 8km fast march for national service trainees repeatedly turned down suggestions to immediately evacuate ...
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This is murder!
Bastard!!!! Angry
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All the bastard sadist officers will have karma and retribution!
Bastard! Angry
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How many sadist officers in army?
Using people son as a toy?
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This is really sad. Parents who hv brought up this boy thru toil n sweat and can simply passed off this way. My condolences to his bereaved family.
At about 8.45am, an off-duty medic who was walking past the parade square came across CFC Lee and attended to him. He assessed him and told CPT Tan that he should be evacuated to the medical centre immediately.

He could have been moved to a shady area, had his shirt removed completely and fanned to help sweat evaporation, said Dr Heng. An IV drip could have been administered, and covering him with a ground sheet was "counter-productive" as he would not have been able to sweat.

Other circumstances that could have contributed to the heat stroke include CFC Lee's exertion the night before as well as his reduced rest. The night before, instead of having seven hours of rest as required, CFC Lee and his fellow servicemen were punished for various infractions and made to do activities including bear crawls, sprints and push-ups without the knowledge or sanction of supervisors.
That's why no parents should trust and entrust their sons into the hands of immature, negligent, irresponsible
and nincompoop commanders which are aplenty in NS. Better if not best send your sons to overseas education and obtain prestigious degrees than see their sons being tekan and sacrificed.

This tan包输also passed away liao due to cancer.
The night before, that action was not right.
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