One Country One System for HK
23-5-2020 6:13 PM
debono said:
China is persistent to annex Taiwan, and wants it to be a province of the PRC.... Crying Crying Crying

Taiwan was all the while a province of China since the 400 years under Qing dynasty, then Chiang Kai Shek's Republic of China.

If Taiwan not a province of China, how could Chiang Kai Shek on loosing the civil war to CCP, retreated to Taiwan? If it is a foreign country, can he just brought his whole army to run over from Chongqing to Taiwan? In 1950, as China under CCP was about to attack KMT, Korean war erupted in 1950. Mao had to bring his army to fight with US in Korea.

If not, China would have taken over Taiwan in 1950.
23-5-2020 2:14 PM
walaneh said:
walaneh! Big Grin
Bro, Taiwan Independence must be supported one lah! thumbs upWinking
Taiwan is not part of China lah! 245

Taiwan, rightfully is know as ROC in short it is know as China. Till date the lying dictator of this ROC Has not change a thing yet therefore ROC IS STILL ROC with or without the words the Taiwan

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