Ong Ye Kung - MOE spends $238 million a year on foreign students
14-8-2019 10:16 AM
Someone said:
Ah ong is the scapegoat lah. This is Tony tan's elitist idea.

What has he contributed to the well being of Singaporeans?

7-8-2019 6:30 PM
debono said:
What an irony, to give uni places with tuition fees thrown in, while our young students are deprived on a uni education, and their parents need to fork out tens of thousands of dollars in other countries.

I knew it too well long ago. That's why I don't support these unkind, evil and uncaring men in whites. Neither will I vote for them. Only those dumb and stupid people will support them.
Singaporeans go to foreign U because local ones do not accept them and they are forced to do so to enter the rat race. The parents of these locals may not be well of and indeed some of them get foreign grants in the U. But the amount the foreigners receive is just too glaring to throw away on these foreigners who will probably not serve out their bond after their education. Also they will be depriving our own locals.
Who can blame these young future Singaporeans who may want to give up their citizenship later on in life.
Tomorrow will be better than Today
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in the past there was a need to bring in foreign students esp. Msians to help boost the economy. Lky didn't like the idea of too many from India, and China was then a closed door communist country.

the new mediocre leaders do not know or do not dare to change the outdated policy to suit the current environment.

they forget they are there for the people, not there to keep their ancestors/forefathers' tombs clean, like they're doing now.

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