PM Lee’s siblings can decide if they want to take the stand with Terry
父母恩,重于山,大于天。 切记!
Pinkie has openly indirectly admitted that his siblings were telling the Truth! If I were Terry, I will use this image to tekan Pinkie on the witness stand.


12-9-2019 5:57 PM
Alice Alicia said:
Here is ah loong stand in Parliament... [Image: F1cxyZ2.jpg]
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I want to ask the Prime Minister straight in his face why he is suing me instead of his siblings’ – Terry Xu

Is simple. you are not his brother..thats a good enough reason. i sort of pity terry foolishness..terry face looks like have down sydrome..cant think rationally

all the 3 siblings enjoying their life and miilions dollar...terry will have to go through all the sh%t when i think no singaporean appreciate. but terry imagine he is a martyr...terry have some mental issue.
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Terry has entered a Memorandum of appearance. He has 14 days to prepare his Defence. If he does not file a Defence within this 14-day period, the Court will deem that pleadings have closed and the Plaintiff is at liberty to apply for default judgement against him. The document must be well drafted in a particular manner which deals with the various elements of the claim that is being made out against him. Failure is fatal. Plaintiff could apply to the Court for summary judgement. This means that the Court could determine the matter in favour of the plaintiff without a trial, meaning that you would lose the case even though you have filed a defence. Once the Defence and Reply (document prepared by the plaintiff in response to your defence) have been exchanged, both parties prepare for trial. This will involve a pre-trial conference (PTC) between the parties.
The plaintiff will apply to the Court for a ‘Summons for directions’ to determine the steps that need to be taken before trial. The Court may also order that the two parties proceed for mediation if parties are agreeable to having their dispute resolved through other means.
It is a lengthy process. We watch.
The main issue is not a matter of who wins or who loses?

But how is it affecting Singapore reputation?
In Australia, PM Morrison is the 30th PM and I have difficulties searching for the past 29 Australia PMs preserved conservation houses in Australia.

No body is interested at all.
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