PM Lee: Recession possible....
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Never argue with someone who believes their own lies.
Your degree is just a piece of paper, your education is seen in your behavior.
So, what plans will he come up with for local business and citizens ?

Or CECA will ride on the Budget 2020?
I demand Apology from Josephine Teo.
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14-2-2020 2:35 PM
just2share said:
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No advices
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talk coçk la.
the unit i want to buy developer still dont drop price what puck he talking..
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Just import more ft lor.
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Wuhan not as serious as SAR but economic impact exceeds SAR until possible recession. So serious or not?........ 127fs4573872

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Use so much money to support so many useless overdone...of course reccession..
All My Posts are Fake News and Comments are Untrue.
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Policies are seeing crack lines.

Education does not match job markets and over dependable of FTs. Engineerings students happen to be of lower grades since 10-15 yrs ago (referring to O level grades to Polytechnics) and now expect these much to be super trained and handle digital economy and maintenance of public transports, Lifts etc. What you think. Then we have over dependant on FTs to fill up the gaps at service lines and stuff which now have issues of them coming back. Or FTs are staying away from outbreak.

May have issues with supplies, countries may reduce their exports to Singapore, eg mask which they need themselves, food have to be reserved for their own citizen due to this outbreak etc. Hence now play catch up on agriculture farming etc.

So we do pray hard some hardliners endorsed some policy to change. Will not be overnight, but at least start it become its too late.

Citizen ain't want a total change, but want to see solutions insight and implementing it as it goes.
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My workplace is getting quieter and less people, the office building car park has plenty of empty lots nowadays, I went for lunch today and there a lot less people in the kopitiam. I won't be surprise if we are in recession already.
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No such thing as recession in SG one....becos PAP gov fuсking rich! Laughing
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