PM Lee approved Amaravati investment was a big mistake: Seek Loss Compensation
The one with problem is you. Empathise with your pain Sorhai . . . .
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9-11-2019 9:57 PM
sukhoi35 said:
Your mind is totally screwed up
Seriously, you have mental health problem
Pse see your GP asap.
10-11-2019 1:13 PM
sukhoi35 said:
India Govt fixed Singapore..

OVer 14 years, Keppel offshore and marine, GLC involved $75 mio corruption was caught and fined $422 mio.
What integrity is that?

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11-11-2019 9:30 AM
Payalebar said:
The one with problem is you. Empathise with your pain Sorhai . . . .
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Really.. Is it?
Soon after coming to power in May, Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy's government put all the Amaravati capital city development activities in cold storage.

And, at a recent Cabinet meeting, he decided to terminate the Start-Up Area project. The state’s municipal administration department issued orders on Monday, authorising the Capital Region Development Authority commissioner to wind up Amaravati Development Partners (ADP) which Temasek linked GLC owns 58% as a voluntary liquidation on a mutual consent basis between the shareholders of ADP, besides initiating steps to terminate the earlier agreement.

Singapore minister Iswaran, who had played an active role in the capital city project on behalf of the Singaporean companies, said companies recognise such risks (of closure or termination of projects) when they venture into any overseas market and factor this into investment decisions.

Saying : Recognised such risks but disbursed S$ 5 000 000 000 within 5 years ( 2014 - 2019 ).
Long live the dragon.
SBI cuts GDP growth forecast in second quarter to 4.2%
11 November 2019

The second quarter GDP growth may further lower down to 4.2 per cent on low automobile sales, deceleration in air traffic movements, flattening of core sector growth and declining investment in construction and infrastructure, and the growth forecast for FY20 has now come down to 5 per cent from 6.1 per cent earlier, an SBI report said.

State Bank of India (SBI) joins all other global agencies -- the ADB, World Bank, OECD, RBI and the IMF -- in downgrading India's FY20 growth rates.
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