PMD riders waiting for PM Lee outside AMK MTP office..."Pls let us make a living"
10-11-2019 11:52 AM
Schroder said:
Use strong arm measures to force people to give up their cars.


Build a railing and partition off one lane for pmds, pabs.

So, this leaves 2 out of 3 lanes (or 3 out of 4 lanes) for motor vehicles. Of course, motorists will kpkb. The traffic jam is now worse than that in bangkok and jakarta. After a while, they find that taking the mrt is faster, and they sell their cars. Roads become car-lite.

Bus stops will of course be relocated. Pickup/dropoff points are now at car parks. Less cars, less need for parking lots right? So use them for bus stops.

aiya, talking is always easy. talking nonsense like this is much easier. if so easy ministars still need to be paid millions?
7-11-2019 1:01 PM
skindeep said:
in an ageing population expect to see more motorized wheelchairs on the foot path. A forward looking govt should start making more paths in anticipation of other types of pmds. Just get rid of the green grass!

Perhaps but should be 10km/hr max PMA not PMD on foot path.
They dont cry over spill milk.
Many chances given to them already.
Sorry, no more chance, those bad eggs destroy your livelihood.
Want to blame government, please get this right, go blame those bad eggs who love to speed and caused injuries and death.

No, no point waiting whoever office, move on.
Go look for alternative ways to earn a living.
PMD cannot use anymore.
Accept the facts and move on.
Nobody owes you a living!

Never take things for granted.
Hope they learn a very painful lesson!

Angry Angry
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Ban means ban, pma or pmd or pam, or pdm, ban means ban.
10-11-2019 11:58 AM
hfourhappy said:
Can we forward those photos (supposing I take a few pmd riders still using pavement) and forward to my mps or RC?
Will it help?

It will.

These pictures are hard to come by because they are speeding.

The government need pictures and videos to show the pmd riders, that if they want to protest, why don't they protest AT those errant riders? They are the ones who sabo all the rest.
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