PRC Ah Tiong FT in SG Possess 156 Guns and arrested due to stupidity..
156 guns is enough to equip 1 company.. Not bad.. Got 84 or matador?
Just because he is a FT ?
Toy guns. Nowadays can print out. The prosecutor proposed 4 months and he didn't want.
Just throw the Book at him
Assign the best prosecutor on our land.
Hang him on a Taugay tree.
Must answer to public how did he actually smuggle in. Likely he order from China and the seller there put items as bike spare parts or plastic furniture. U know la the seller over there dont declare goods as it is..
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8-4-2021 12:54 PM
David Rasif said:
Mr Tan said he went to the location, which he remembered only as a Block "50 plus" in the Sims area, and waited for a while.

"A man came and knocked on the window of my car. A Chinese man, I believe it's a Chinese national," he said via a Mandarin interpreter.[Image: dt4GvpX.jpg]

He should call Lalamove la...stupid china man

[Image: u976sga.jpg]
8-4-2021 1:25 PM
Le- S2 said:
156 guns is alot.

How did he actually import in in the first place?

Split import lor,

they ask the supplier don't import the whole gun, split the parts inside smaller parts one by one send

why still can managed to leak into SG custom ? same for drugs etc illegal stuffs THAN YOU HAVE TO QUESTION CUSTOM , POLICE , ICA BLAH BLAH WHATEVER HOW THEY CHECK ETC

THEY SURELY TELL U " daily every hours so many things come in , so will not say 100 percent check "
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Must be CCP sleeper training underground cells in Sg
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