Palawan has many beaches with clear water and pale sand.

Palawan has many beaches with clear water and pale sand protected under the Palawan Biosphere Biosphere Reserve, registered by UNESCO. Palawan Island is a beautiful paradise of pale sand and clear water. The rugged cliffs and mangrove forests are a breathtaking view of many of Palawan's secret beaches, from El Nido Bay to an extraordinary relaxation paradise.

But the island's most remarkable hiding place may be in the Puerto Princesa Underground River National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with an underground river flowing through a maze of limestone caves downstream of the river. In the deep currents, enter the limestone cave system and sunbathe on a beach with postcards, drowning volcanoes, smoking and burning above the water line. The scattered remains of the continent while Atoll, a coral-covered land is sinking.
There is also a palawan beach in sentosa Laughing
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