Panda Auntie belli powderful. Can ban younger pandas call her auntie de. Sg one can?
16-1-2021 5:12 PM
StevenTham said:
[Image: hGClnsr.jpg]

pokai hamkachan, tiunelomo chow see fart. honkan kia better go home let commies fug.
Quote:Real retard. World first class moron. Ownself f#%ks ownself

[Image: vumjO5n.jpg]

See how I control this Buangkok IMH PR retard bastard. Now he dare not use vulgarity.

11-1-2021 10:04 PM
WhatDoYouThink said:
hongkan pls go home and let commies fcuk yr azzhole lah
12-1-2021 11:09 AM
WhatDoYouThink said:
ah cock, I din say that site is fake. I only said you're one of those gullible always kena conned by Nigerian scams.
11-1-2021 9:10 PM
WhatDoYouThink said:
why this cockless eunuch still looking for free sperms at this hour ha? ah cock no more sperms for you meh?
11-1-2021 5:35 PM
WhatDoYouThink said:
aiya, that's because I'd been f$#king too many flgdogs and chickens mah. you aso kena ah?
11-1-2021 4:48 PM
WhatDoYouThink said:
go back to hongkan let commies f#%k lah, cb
11-1-2021 2:43 PM
WhatDoYouThink said:
when you flgdog kena fuckked then you'll know.
13-1-2021 12:03 AM
WhatDoYouThink said:
your base is aso at zulong east ah? got mandy, mindy, windy, cracko's laobu, dumbo's dotter, ... so competitive hor. all sorts of momochacha services
your buddy obagao is alone at yalong operating at above a tyre shop
13-1-2021 4:25 PM
WhatDoYouThink said:
obagao really touch what sway what. better dun any how touch.
13-1-2021 7:58 PM
WhatDoYouThink said:
you decent meh? 等一下我问问阿笑
14-1-2021 10:10 AM
WhatDoYouThink said:
when ppl call you cockless eunuch you smile and ask got free sperms can give some?
15-1-2021 11:33 PM
WhatDoYouThink said:
why cockless eunuch very angry or upset when they found out bhg owner is ahtiong? like kena cheated like that?
17-12-2020 4:19 PM
WhatDoYouThink said:
be a good cock can already
18-12-2020 6:50 PM
WhatDoYouThink said:
cock meat too common lah. talkingcock meat duno got or not?
eat already becum dumbo cock sucker ah? go around and ask for sperms ah?
16-1-2021 1:36 PM
WhatDoYouThink said:
pokai hamkachan, tiunelomo chow see fart
16-1-2021 4:41 PM
WhatDoYouThink said:
obagao and cockless eunuch din come in to elaborate, add oil add vingar so you shd know what's happened
16-1-2021 5:17 PM
WhatDoYouThink said:
pokai hamkachan, tiunelomo chow see fart.
honkan kia better go home let commies fug.
Yesterday 2:55 AM
StevenTham said:
[Image: o1NUHxY.jpg]
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