Pap propaganda video collection

How the illuminati controls OUR world
Papies should rename HDB to HRB - Housing Rental Board. Sounds nicer and feels like not getting cheated or scammed! CPF - Central Ponzi Fund Beware! Laughing Laughing

How the illuminati controls OUR world
Syonan commie 奥8毛 got 几毛 from the propaganda? Laughing
8-10-2018 12:02 PM
Billionaire said:
Nowadays not many Singaporeans watch all the PAP free to air channels so PAP govt got no choice must go online and show all their good stuff. Big Grin Laughing

It is pure propoganda, as the next general election is around the corner.........
Alamak! First sentence is already WRONG.

" Anybody can own a HDB flat . . ." We are tenants and cannot own HDB flats unlike Owners, lah.

What rubbish talk it that?
Crazy Jac Lau having menopause like a dementia woman again?
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