Pentagon is battling the clock to fix serious, unreported F-35 problems
New U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers Can't Launch F-35s Until 2027: Report

Can it be fixed? 

According to The Drive, the Government Accountability Office claims that Ford-class carriers might not have the ability to deploy F-35s until 2027 at the very earliest.
The U.S. Navy's Latest Aircraft Carrier Won't Have F-35s?
But Pentagon has gone ahead to order 478 F-35 ! Rolling on the flor laughing

In what is billed as the largest procurement contract in the history of the Department of Defense (DoD), Lockheed Martin and the Pentagon reached a US$34 billion “handshake agreement” for hundreds of F-35 Lightning II stealth fighters.

The U.S. Navy's $13 Billion Newest Supercarrier is Still Having Major Problems Again

The U.S. Navy's new supercarrier continues to face major problems that will delay its delivery to the fleet for three months as the service bets big on this troubled ship, Navy officials revealed Tuesday.

Following testing and evaluation with the fleet, the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford began a yearlong maintenance and upgrade process at Newport News Shipbuilding in Virginia last July, with expectations that the carrier would return to the fleet this summer.

The Ford is now slated to spend at least another three months in dry dock due to unforeseen problems with the ship's nuke power plant, the weapons elevators, and other areas, USNI News reported Tuesday, citing recent testimony by Navy officials before the House Armed Services Committee seapower and projection subcommittee.
Looks like our F35 are not stationed armed and used mainly for August 9 National Day Flypass show and Changi AirShow and RSAF yearly Openhouse where Kids and grandparents can climb up into Cockpit and awe at the Avionics
All Posts are Fake News and Comments are Untrue[Image: gr0dMbF.jpg]
How they get into these design messes, with so much experience in building previous generations of fighter jets?
Stop trying to calm the storm. Calm yourself, the storm will pass.
12-6-2019 11:00 PM
kopihothot said:
How they get into these design messes, with so much experience in building previous generations of fighter jets?

This one also problematic
more signs of a crumbling empire. giveup
Creativity can be liability. Worried
12-6-2019 9:47 PM
talkcover said:
Spore not going for F-35C. Only Us0.a Navy using.

but hope Spore did not opt for F-35B , go for F-35A better choice.
Durability testing data indicates service-life of initial F-35B short-takeoff-vertical landing jets bought by Marine Corps “is well under” expected service life of 8,000 fleet hours; “may be as low as 2,100″ hours Pentagon test office says in 2018 annual report obtained by Bloomberg that’s scheduled for release this week. That means some jets expected to start hitting service life limit in 2026.

Think our dear doctor ng ordered F-35S...
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