Police looking into case of man cutting and taking pandan leaves from outside Jurong
23-5-2020 12:24 PM
skindeep said:
All plants grown outside is public land, common to be taken by passerbys. Lucky Chen hu guy didn't come to remove all.

What's growing on public land cannot be reaped by members of the public.

Then like that, my conclusion is that both the thief and the complainant's family are guilty !!
(Cos his family also plucked the leaves for their use)
a big pot of pandan leaf plant only $15 to $20, and a bundle of cut leaves only a dollar or two. aiya, like that aso want to steal, or was it just for the thrill?
23-5-2020 12:53 PM
Black468 said:
He probably stole them to put in car to drive away cockroaches or cook dessert soup. Lol.

good for treating uric acid and related ailments
maybe he online sell homemade pandan cake tanchiak wan.
Probably a pondan.
Some hdb have walk very far to buy.downstair have why need to go so far.e2i also have many pandan grow outside surronding.now botak liao.
Many benefits of
Pandan leaves

Can also use it to ward off cockroaches
and mozzies
[Image: zKPg0zf.jpg]
not safe to eat.
may be contaminated by insecticide.
23-5-2020 12:18 AM
theold said:
[Image: 887432.jpeg]

The police are looking into an incident where a man was caught on video cutting leaves from a potted pandan plant and walking away with them at Block 655B Jurong West Street 61 on May 17. Read more at stomp.straitstimes.com


Police should question why owner of the plants violate rules for growing outside his flat first. If no plants outside no pinching, unauthorised cutting some leaves. Obviously police is too free to get this case. Or is it a case for newbie police to do a case?
Sgreans pawn each other to benefit Gov. How much pandan leaves do you need? Unless you are a hawker
Ask w permission n you will be obliged. Open your eyes when travelling outside.
Eg.. P. RIS MacD drive-in, Kolam Ayer CC next to MOM, Bus stop at One Farrer in Race C Rd.
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