Population of Croatia is Only 4.1 Million, 25% Less than Singapore
7 countries smaller than Singapore that have reached the World Cup

When it comes to football, size doesn’t matter. Just ask the Vikings.

SINGAPORE: It’s official. The deltoid workout du jour that is the Viking Thunder-Clap will return for another outing at a major football championship.

Iceland, who wowed us all at Euro 2016, have reached their first ever World Cup at Russia 2018 following a 2-0 win over Kosovo.

There’s a nice bit of incongruity here: One of the world’s tiniest nations will play at the planet’s biggest sporting event in the world’s largest country.

With just over 330,000 people, Iceland will now be the smallest country ever to play at the World Cup – breaking the record held by the 1.3 million-strong Trinidad and Tobago.

Singapore, with around 3.4 million citizens making up its 5.6 million population, once harboured World Cup hopes too.

Goal 2010, which was an ambitious project to reach South Africa, failed in its objective and, by the looks of it, it will be some time before the Lions reach the beautiful game’s pinnacle.

So it’s clear as day: When it comes to football, size doesn’t matter. Here are seven countries (there are more; but let’s not stick it in too deep) smaller than Singapore that have reached the World Cup.

Read more at https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/spo...ld-9295070
When it comes to football, size doesn’t matter.

12-7-2018 3:19 PM
finind said:
There are 2 countries more than 1.3billion
Act blur?
12-7-2018 4:48 AM
lvlrsSTI said:
We always say we are a small nation, tonite Croatia showed us small nation can beat big nations like Britain and France.

Your farking smelly chewhoo yeah not big but still over 20 millions, why cannot even win an olympic gold ah ?
For 支那 Alimama and all her 40 clones(talkingsmart, buick, PJM, , amada, alanis, ,XXX, genie, hillview, niubee, SotongOngTee, yummysukiyaki etc) :
屌你老母 !
To all smelly ChewHooKias:
Get the F out of S'pore !
So we must donit like croatia.
12-7-2018 3:23 PM
lvlrsSTI said:
When it comes to football, size doesn’t matter.

sounds like our size matter but others size no matter

the whole asean never make it and all bigger population than SG except brunei
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