PropNex call to ease cooling measures backfired
once you receive the cold calls from agents, u can report to police....saying that you are DO NOT DISTURB...

sue them until they lose their CEA license...

last time Far East agents say Seahill unit can resell for 1m at TOP, then my frd bought one only can sell $800k

agents will tell buyers all sorts of good things....then when buyers lose money, who to blame?

f.uck agents
u buy and u die....

china is going to default soon.....mkt will crash like shi.t
15-3-2019 12:41 PM
7Best said:
洁身自爱。 Crying

停车坐爱枫林晚 枫叶红于二月花
15-3-2019 12:48 PM
WhatDoYouThink said:
停车坐爱枫林晚 枫叶红于二月花
烧卖虾饺糯米鸡 公仔麵菠蘿油雞蛋仔.
I've had everything but still not able to feel truly happy.
Until i saw “ordinary” is the only answer to true happiness.

15-3-2019 10:56 AM
Tangsen said:
Fugg off you little pinoy shameless beggar This is Singapore not penis-pine ... non if your fugging concern

[Image: vIlruvK.jpg]

u can even hallucinate yourself that I am Pinoy. Df....
Beware of PRC 50 cents in the Forum that undermine Singapore Sovereignty

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