Pruton capital PTFX
Anyone heard about this Foreign Exchange Broker Company? This is a Indonesia company. Understand about 2 million PRCs got swindled about 100 billions by this Ponzi company who promised 4% to 10% returns

Its operation is described as shown

[Image: cFqhGvc.jpg]

Here are some Chinese forumers that got caught by this scam

Quote:WikiFX is an inquiry platform with brokers and IBs. It provides all-round information of every broker, including regulation info, reputation, risk test, WikiFX verification and hot news of the industry.

Google Pruton Capital if you want to find more
Talk is always cheap and easy.
If its commie indonesian, might be Tomyaki setup wor. No wonder he run to Singapore now. Refuse to take sinovac in indonesia and wanted in china. Haiz

Talk is always cheap and easy.
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