Pussyfooting on HSR hurts Malaysian taxpayers, Singapore daily tells Putrajaya
thumbs up ... no kidding ... F15SG with JDAM to mudland with love Rolling on the flor laughing

[Image: cxl_5512.jpg?itok=U9pK3COU&timestamp=1516734367]
thumbs up .. F16 also can throw this beast

SG has about 100 F16s + F15Sg

every 15mins throw 1 at KL.
We already bought enough to throw for 1 week round the clock !!!!
enough to flatten KL? Laughing Rolling on the flor laughing

[Image: MK-84-JDAM.jpg]
MY will not go ahead with HSR because it will destroy the SG-KL flight route which MAS, Air Asia depends on...

Our 250m has gone to drain....
12-7-2018 9:09 AM
walaneh said:
walaneh! Big Grin
Bro, that's our internal national issue we must settle ourselves lah! thumbs upWinking
But when outsiders bully us we must stand united to tekan them jialat jialat lah! 245

Very well said clap ..
[Image: 2dtrb6v.jpg]
[Image: 20r9tll.jpg]
Chew hoos still got any doubt sg can flatten kl? Rolling on the flor laughing
12-7-2018 10:07 AM
EXBB said:
Very well said clap ..

walaneh! Big Grin
Thank you lah, bro! thumbs upWinking
As long as you don't use vulgar words, you are very nice also lah! 245
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