REITS No Horse Run 4.0 brewing....

24-6-2019 5:17 PM
MrMarket said:
Mapletree Com Trust.... one year ago $1.50...
Three years ago when the super loser cum moron, c-wc29 was kpkb, stock was only $1.29...

NOW at ALL TIME record high $2.06, yield at current price still more than 4%
6-7-2019 8:40 AM
MrMarket said:
So, one week ago, moron cWC. thought $2.06 was the highest. Well, this week it broke its ALL TIME HIGH to hit $2.10!!!!!!! Yield still more than 4% at this price. and if you are like me who bought at average price $1.20, you might want to sell, otherwise the super moron will be Buay song and come here to kpkb again. Rolling on the flor laughing
8-9-2019 1:32 PM
MrMarket said:
Just when you think it cannot go any higher, last week, Mapletree Commercial Trust went even higher to close at its all time high of $2.30!

Mapletree Commercial Trust to replace Hutchison Port Holdings Trust on STI

Greater Southern Waterfront a boost to likes of KepCorp, MCT
23-9-2019 6:06 PM
MrMarket said:
Today Mapletree Commercial Trust, owner of Singapore’s Number One Shopping Mall, Vivo City and Mother of the the best Business City, smashed its ALL TIME WORLD RECORD HIGH to hit $2.32!,,

So many positives of this stock.
26-9-2019 11:21 AM
MrMarket said:
This morning Mapletree Commercial Trust again smashed its ALL TIME WORLD RECORD HIGH to hit $2.38!!! Even now steady at $2.36, people still buying

Could be this story

TODAY, MCT smashed its world record ceiling, touching all time high of $2.48, and closing at $2.47!
Even at this price, it is trading at 1.3 PBV only! Yield still at a average 3%. And if you have subscribed to its rights ONE MONTH AGO, you easily would have made another 10% on its rights.
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11-1-2020 9:43 AM
debono said:
I believe in reits..... Big Grin Big Grin
Sasseur Reits good?.
14-10-2019 12:50 PM
MrMarket said:
Mapletree Log Trust, the best potential suitor of merger or takeover of Cache Logistics has been rising since I posted the news opinion of an analyst here. Today, it smashed its all time high to hit $1.67!!

Remember, you hear this news bite first here!
16-10-2019 8:48 PM
MrMarket said:
MLT are record high today hitting $1.71! Closing at $1.70. If this keeps on going a possible merger is on the card.

Mapletree Group of REITs: Your four aces

25-10-2019 12:55 AM
MrMarket said:
Mapletree Log Trust yesterday smashed its world record price to hit $1.73,
Even at this price, it’s yield is still 4.5%!! Even at this price, OCBC Research is calling for buy, TP $1.85.
13-1-2020 6:24 PM
MrMarket said:
TODAY, MLT smashed its world all time record high to close at $1.76. But even at this price, its yield
Is still well over 4% and it can only get better!

Not surprising, TODAY, smashed its world record price AGAIN, closing at $1.78. if only you have bought when it went down abit last month...

Is it because it is muscling on ESR to woo Cache? Or would Temasek/GIC be the broker to merge the three together with MINT to form the world biggest industrial REIT. I don’t know, but something has to happen, if it keeps smashing its world world. Stay alert.
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very hard to convince, ok, I try one more....

27-6-2019 10:12 PM
MrMarket said:
Mapletree Industrial Trust, another high flyer

One year ago $1.83
Mid 2017 when moronic loser cWC29 aka cCB29, kpkb to people not to buy, price was $1.75

Now at record high $2.22!
Yield still at 5.5% even at today’s price.
6-7-2019 5:24 PM
MrMarket said:
Three years ago, cWC29, warned people that the stock is too good to be true when it is paying 7 to 8 % dividends: two weeks ago, again he warned it is too good to be true. Well, what an idiot he is. Yesterday... the stock hit its ALL TIME HIGH of $2.35, and the beauty is even at this price, it is paying more than 5% dividends.
8-9-2019 11:16 PM
MrMarket said:
After it hit its all time high of $2.35, it went down a bit , and some people went jelly and started mocking this thread. Well, look who’s the DASS? last week it smashed its all time high again to close $2.39!

MIT continues to eye potential acquisitions despite slowing economy

Mapletree Industrial Trust to redevelop flatted-factory cluster at Kallang Way
19-9-2019 5:57 PM
MrMarket said:
Mapletree Industrial Trust, the Chosen Descendent of JTC, smashed through its ALL TIME RECORD HIGH to hit $2.46 today.

Part of the story is here, more I tell you later..... if you are interested
14-10-2019 12:33 PM
MrMarket said:
Today, MIT, the Prince of Industrial REITS, destroys it’s world record all time high price to hit a never hit before price of $2.57. To think that three years ago it was only $1.80 plus and the cWC guy was kpkb that it’s too good to be true and shouted you all to sell/short. Wonder how many gong kias listened to him and missed a golden opportunity.

TODAY, MIT or MINT, smashed its world and Olympic record price to close at its day’s highest at $2.78. Amazingly, even at this price you getting more than 4% yield. More amazingly, even at this high price. UOBKH is WhatsApping me every day, screaming to buy with TP at $2.90!
Amazingly, such stock, sgbluffer and his cWC partner were asking NOT to buy when it was below $1.80 three years ago!
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But ascott reits is a total disappointment
[video=youtube]From Discover on Google[/video]
Mapletree Investments, MIT complete acquisition of 10 data centres

A JOINT venture (JV) between Mapletree Investments and Mapletree Industrial Trust (MIT) has completed the acquisition of 10 powered shell data centres in North America for some US$557.3 million.

The deal with data centre provider Digital Realty was completed on Tuesday, MIT's manager said in a regulatory filing on Wednesday morning.

MIT announced last September that the 50:50 JV, called Mapletree Rosewood Data Centre Trust, will also enter into a venture with Digital Realty to co-invest in three existing Digital Realty fully fitted hyperscale data centres (called the Turn-Key Flex data centres) for US$810.6 million.

The JV will have an 80 per cent interest in the Turn-Key portfolio.

Following the acquisition of the 10 data centres, MIT's portfolio comprises 87 industrial properties in Singapore, and 27 data centres in North America, its manager said on Wednesday.
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Frasers Commercial Trust posts flat Q1 DPU of 2.4 S cents

MAINBOARD-LISTED Frasers Commercial Trust (FCOT) on Wednesday declared a distribution per unit (DPU) of 2.4 Singapore cents for the first quarter ended December, unchanged from a year ago.

Gross revenue rose 19.8 per cent year-on-year to S$37.8 million, while net property income (NPI) grew 26.5 per cent to S$26.7 million, boosted by higher rental income for China Square Central, Alexandra Technopark, Central Park and 357 Collins Street, as well as lower utilities expenses for Alexandra Technopark.

Including the contributions from Farnborough Business Park (FBP) in the UK, which is held as a joint venture, FCOT's aggregate NPI would have been S$29 million, marking a 17.4 per cent year-on-year rise.

The portfolio committed occupancy rate also inched up to 95.2 per cent as at end-2019, compared to 95 per cent at the end of the previous quarter. The occupancy rates for the Singapore portfolio, the Australia portfolio and FBP as at end-2019 were 95.5 per cent, 94 per cent and 99.1 per cent respectively.
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Relentless bo beh chow....

Mapletree Log Trust breaks all time record high to close at $1.82
Mapletree Industrial Trust breaks all time record high to close at $2.80
Mapletree Com Trust breaks all time record high to close at $248
Keppel DC REIT breaks all time record high to close at $2.28

Many others are closing in on their world records.....
This is no joke.
Raw Video doesn’t lie; Liberal Journalism does.
Ascott opens serviced residence in Japan

CAPITALAND'S wholly-owned lodging business unit, The Ascott, has opened a serviced residence in Osaka, Japan.

The new property, Citadines Namba Osaka, offers 313 units with varied apartment types. It sits in Osaka's popular entertainment and shipping district, and is surrounded by commercial buildings, Ascott said in a media statement on Monday.

It houses studio apartment, studio executive apartments with fully equipped kitchens, as well as one- and two-bedroom units, catering to guests on both short and long stays.

Ascott is operating the serviced residence through a master lease agreement with Toshin Development Company, a subsidiary of Asian department store business Takashimaya Group.

In 2021, Ascott will also open lyf Tenjin Fukuoka, the first co-living property in Japan under its "lyf" brand, which caters to millennials and the "millennial-minded", said Tan Lai Seng, Ascott’s regional manager for Japan and Korea.
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