RIP:: Two Singaporeans die onboard cruise ship Voyager of the Seas
Baby died on plane to Australia too.

I wonder why post portem not done or reported.

Will PAP be prepared to give us a new list of Ministers with portfolio before GE2020?
Us0.a have cruise policemen aboard. If just Spore to Msia and return, can engage Spore and Msia police personnels. Two parties on the ships also can ensure another party not to eat snake. Shy
the only cruise i want to be on....


if no security, it will be interesting.
Die together? Rare. Usually one but not both together.
So coincidental. Suddenly 2 die on same short cruise
Strange !
[Image: lXmVyl5.jpg]
Put on your mask it’s compulsory!
15-5-2019 6:42 PM
drgn said:
since the news said that unrelated -
both gambled at casino, one won a lot of $$$, one lost a lot of $$$$.

one bet banker, one bet player...
15-5-2019 6:54 PM
sgbuffett said:
How can 2 people just die like that on cruise ship?...Cruise ships are not safe. Because they operate out in international waters without jurisdiction and any crime committed may not be investigated.

Anyway makes no sense to go on cruise ship as
You are stuck on the ship will be so boring...

how do you know it is boring?
16-5-2019 12:45 PM
drgn said:
how do you know it is boring?

coz he go anywhere oso boring one..
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