Raybe out of ICU
come out of icu is 1st step. next she got to deal with multiple skin grafting..

jia you!
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[Image: 20210224-1543525191629615474195630.jpg]

[Image: 20210224-1543039212839669324263103.jpg]
Never argue with someone who believes their own lies.
Your degree is just a piece of paper, your education is seen in your behavior.
Such a strong woman who hv no fear in risking her life to save those guys in the miidst of such huge fire. Pray for her speedy recovery.
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Unlike their friends in black, the guy and the girl*. Aiyoh really xia suay mankind.
Strange to see the comments in the chinese newspaper regarding praying by Taiwan buddhist temple.
Means the body starts to consolidate the energy. Means, frm lifeless to life again.
Something to ponder..........she journeyed somewhere and came back. Familiar in some of those movies....
The cafe opp the crash site where she was resting is called fire phoenix 火凤凰.
Do update us her status if any guys!
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