Real puck! you allow pmd to ride then now want public to help monitor! wad de...
20-7-2019 12:37 PM
Schroder said:
And they spent taxpayers' monies/resources to develop an App which is not practicable.

Banning is the only solution to the problem. Flats burnt, people getting injured. Why is the government hesitating?

Car lite society? How many car owners actually sold their cars and switched to riding pmds for the first mile-last mile? Those whom I saw riding pmds didn't look like people who could afford to own a car.

And HPB is telling people to get off one bus stop before your actual stop, and walk. Walk 10,000 steps, or more, daily. Instead, we are seeing youngsters riding pmds. Two government agencies trying to achieve their KPIs which conflict with each other.

yalor, on 1 hand, u tell pple diabetes is the biggest problem in years to come. on the other hand, 50% (a figure i pluck out of think air) of pmd riders are food deliveries => these pple are so lazy to even get out of their house/office to buy food, ie. more diabetes patients to come.
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They can ban chewing gum, they cannot ban this?
20-7-2019 12:59 PM
hfourhappy said:
They can ban chewing gum, they cannot ban this?

The government today is not the same as the government in the 1960s and 1970s.

I often tell myself, the Singapore of yesteryears, when we were young and active, was one in which my generation worked together with LKY to steer through the storms. It was one where we had the Kallang roar, where there were still pushcarts selling hawker food, where People's Park and Queensway Shopping Centre were economic marvels, where we did not have 2.3 m foreigners. We got what we made the country to be like - at that time.

Today, my generation is old and retired. We are either pioneer generation or merdeka generation. We go to forums to tcss and jjww to pass time.

It's those who are economically active, who are aged between 18 and 45 who will have the greatest impact, who, along with the 4G government, will make Singapore what it will be for them. There is very little my generation can do about it. The next generation of Singaporeans will get what they ask for.
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