Really bad car ownership statistics in Malaysia - they should do something
23-2-2021 12:18 PM
hfourhappy said:
That is why almost all 9en a car.
Very normal for them.
Car can drive for more than 10 year too.

Citizen Power Game for Citizens to work together to Build a New Social System.
Very normal to have w cars per household too.
Parking free too.
23-2-2021 10:35 AM
Yanghua said:
Mala is not cheap, and I am actually quite surprised that the Chinese can afford to eat it...or they love it so much that they are prepared to pay so much for it?

Although I often compare it to yong tau foo, but the latter is actually a lot cheaper. Maybe a better comparison would be ngoh hiang, which is also not cheap.

Anyway, mala is not to my taste. I prefer less spicy food like Shanghainese food, Shandong food and of course Guangdong food.

I see ..I like shanghainese good also but mala is still the best!!
23-2-2021 12:04 PM
EMPulse said:
Currency exchange rate cannot be basis to form any conclusion as to who is better off.

The comparison should be to take their median wages and compared against their median cost of living. You can be earning high wages but a much higher cost of living proportionately will decimate whatever wages you are earning and render you unable to save enough for retirement, vice versa.

Their land is so large, different place also have different wages and cost of living.

I do certainly agrees with you. Their costs of living is low and inflation rate is pretty low too.
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Even if they earn less. They aso spend less as things like housing n car cheap.
They aso less stress than sinkies in work life. Maybe less chance get cancer
22-2-2021 7:29 PM
sgbuffett said:
[Image: xhQdXED.png]

The govt there never invest well in public transport such as bus and MRT causing many people to own cars emitting green house gases polluting the air.

They should get their act together and address the situation before it gets worse.

Their maths same level as u mah
[Image: 2dtrb6v.jpg]
[Image: 20r9tll.jpg]
why do we bother about them

who gives a fcuk

worry about own own back yard
23-2-2021 5:43 PM
keys said:
why do we bother about them

who gives a fcuk

worry about own own back yard

Bcos sgbutt is from muar
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