Recently this forum is getting ripe with OPPO activities reporting..
12-2-2019 1:17 PM
NumberCruncher said:
You don’t need my permission Bro. If we can find her, you can go and tackle her. Cool You have my blessing and support. Laughing

I prefer XMM too Big Grin
Resistance is futile Happy
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One person ic will do
Anyone can check online.

12-2-2019 1:00 PM
I think to check marriage registry, may need both couple's NRIC but I may be wrong on that point. But if married overseas then very difficult to check liao. For death searches, need to go here

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Moron first class thinks he has messed up the thread. Actually i thank everyone including this moron first class for disclosing to me that he is a fake anti pap, for if he is genuine, this will not deliberately happen. This applies to all others who contribute to this.....but keep posting to this thread hor....What a dumb bunch of fake OPPO and those PAP B-side lickers......i am eternally grateful to all who bump up this thread for the only post important and relevant in this thread is my 1st post
So thanks, keep bump this thread up
Treeswing Treeswing Treeswing
there is a bunch of *foreigners* who *hate* PAP and *hate* singaporeans
they talk loudly in these forums and disguise themselves as *fake OPPO* and *fake locals*
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12-2-2019 2:26 PM
Lukongsimi said:
One person ic will do
Anyone can check online.

Thanks. I managed to check using SingPass. Entitled to 2 free checks every 12 months.
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