SDP correction directions: Party says it will pursue matter in court
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SINGAPORE: The Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) said on Tuesday (Jan 7) it plans to take legal action after its application to cancel correction ...
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"In rejecting the SDP’s application for the cancellation of the correction directions, the MOM has failed to provide any grounds for its decision," said the party. "MOM’s reply simply insisted that 'your application does not provide sufficient grounds for the cancellation of the (correction directions)'."

"This is not a rational answer, as the SDP had submitted a detailed account – including analysing MOM’s own statistics – of the reasons for the statements in our posts."

The party said Manpower Minister Josephine Teo did not refute "our specific arguments", saying she had either "refused to do so or been unable to do so".

It also criticised the ruling People's Action Party, saying the party "hurls accusations against its opponents, but refuses to substantiate its arguments when rebutted with official data".

"This is hardly the kind of leadership Singaporeans should expect or deserve."
let's fight it out in court. ting ting!
Go go go... I support u... although u sure lose..
But at least hopefully can open some of those tiny eyes of the 70%...
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The white country selling thieves dare not because they cannot show hands
PRC ktv* hostess once told me "台湾人无情, 香港人无义,新加坡人无稚" dance dance
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