SG bonus credited.
6-12-2018 3:48 PM
sgbuffett said:
[Image: rkLGGQW.png]

Why so slow? I always thought you were tech savvy tongue
Resistance is futile Happy
7-12-2018 6:33 AM
hfourhappy said:
use it wisely.
don't anyhow spend.

Donating to those in need is best way to spend this sum
I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I will do my utmost to keep them alive.
Against tyrants and adversity, I will strive.
Together, a better future, we will realise......
6-12-2018 6:16 PM
sgbuffett said:
Stock trading gains is not taxed....anyway its all just money....i dont have much need for so much as i lead a simple life.

I do enjoy both my online business and trading not for tge money but the challenge of being good at something

I don’t think your online biz and stock trading generate you the 100k income. Are you selling your body? 29dz8zk
Resistance is futile Happy
Can tampah 200 and throw cracker for songbird. <:-P
only blur like sotong emperor kid brother, sotong emperor more blurrer
$100 1 shot for cat100 atb
Resistance is futile Happy
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