SMRT- Please Refrain from Talking
8-4-2021 12:18 PM
David Rasif said:
I think SMRT should make an area at the end of the train where one can talk freely on phone..smoke a puff..drink beer and charge their phone.

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better than to have another local covid19 victim.
also deploy special bus services for those who cannot stop talking.
8-4-2021 10:47 AM
singlion said:
Not for ahtiongs for YOU.
Don't you dare to communicate wat you know.
U think becos of virus ?
[Image: MKbiIvU.png]

dr fauci is a daft. 245
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8-4-2021 10:53 AM
hfourhappy said:
Also no Tamil language for ceca ftrashes n their trash families.

stupid comment. you are worse than trash

ceca don't speak tamil. they speak hindi
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8-4-2021 11:56 AM
whyme said:
there is totally no enforcement in public transport.
if LTA want to do something right, don't just put up posters/placards on trains n buses
wasting time, effort n $$ just to wayang.
do it the singapore way lah.

Fine them if caught talking.
8-4-2021 2:12 PM
hfourhappy said:
Fine them if caught talking.

LTA trying to be a Mr. Nice person while emphasizing the danger of COVID119 transmission via talking while taking public transport.
another great example of NATO.
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