SOOOOOO CONCIDENCE ..Lower electricity bills as tariffs to fall 15% for next 3 months
Locked-in at high price before the drop for 2 years. Now, this news.
Your water tax is 150% of usage... You use 11 dollars for water... You end up paying over 26 dollars...
They made this news for?
Pump price also need to go down....
30-6-2020 2:18 PM
Casanova said:
Caring govt
vomitx vomit
30-6-2020 2:00 PM
[[ForeverAlone]] said:
[Image: 903372.jpeg]

SINGAPORE - Households can expect lower electricity bills for the next three months.

Electricity tariffs are set to decrease by an average of 15 per cent in the third quarter of the year, SP Group said on Tuesday (June 30).

For the period from July 1 to Sept 30, electricity tariffs will fall by 3.42 cents per kilowatt hour (kwh) compared with the previous quarter, arising from lower energy costs.

Excluding the goods and services tax (GST), this translates to a decrease from 23.02 cents per kwh to 19.60 cents per kwh for households powered by SP Group.

The average monthly electricity bill for families living in four-room Housing Board flats will decrease by $12, excluding GST.

The SP Group reviews the electricity tariffs quarterly based on guidelines set by the Energy Market Authority, which is the electricity industry regulator.

FARK LAH................... Angry

my last month's bill is ALMOST DOUBLE that of the very 1st month of my contract ??!! Angry Angry

anyone else same issue or just me ??!! Thinking
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